The Real Taste of Gelato 1992-1997: 25 years of unparalleled quality and achievements

  • Corriere della Sera

    "Cominciamo dall'attuale numero uno, dalla migliore gelateria di Roma e dintorni, Il Gelato di San Crispino"

  • Fodor's Travel

    "Perhaps the most celebrated gelato in Italy is celebrated here at San Crispino. Without artificial colors or flavors, these scoops are worth crossing town for - nobody else creates flavors this pure"

  • The New York Times

    "...Anyone who does not acknowledge that Il Gelato di San Crispino is supreme has not tried it"

  • The European

    "One lick and you are hooked!"

  • La Repubblica

    "A nostro giudizio è la migliore gelateria che esista a Roma"

  • Frankfurter Allgemeine

    "Wie angenehm, sich am Eise zu wärmen"

  • Lonely Planet

    "The secret is an obsession with top-notch ingredients and fresh, seasonal produce"

  • Tamarind And Thyme

    ...Their eponymous gelato was like dunking my tongue into a pot of honey while the hazelnut was exactly that - nutty"

  • Condé Nast Traveller

    "...Only the freshest of the seasonal fruit is used, and the legendary zabaione bears the flavour of a 20-year-old barrel-aged Marsala. The lampone (raspberry) is particularly fine in high summer, but crunchy meringue flavours. chocolate and pistachio - surprisingly not fluorescent - are other stalwarts"

  • Gambero Rosso

    "A nostro avviso la qualità di questa gelateria a Roma non conosce rivali, per la meticolosa ricerca della materia prima e per i sapori ineguagliabili"

  • The Guardian

    "A fine balance between indulgence and obsession"

  • Gourmet Träume

    "Die Raffinesse de Eissorten beruht auf alten Rezepten, die lange in Vergessenheit geraten waren"

  • Josh Spear

    "For true craft gelato, the only choice is San Crispino"

Ricette antiche - Ricette tradizionali - Ricette originali Ingredienti di prima qualità - freschi - ricercati - biologici - senza glutine


    • Don't miss the Wild Strawberries!
    • Pistacchio is back!
    • Apple and Pear: last availabilities, don't miss out!
    • New flavour: Basil Cream


    • Vanilla: will be back soon!
    • Cream with Lemon: now available!
    • Yogurth: now available!
    • Coffe: Will be back soon

Not Only Gelato

There is not only gelato in our gelato shop. Here's an example of what we do and why we are worldwide famous

Fruit Sorbets

A clever blend of ice and fruit, sorbets were produced in Italy and the Mediterranean area since at least 2.000 years, and they are the forefathers of modern gelato

Come visit us and and try our seasonal fresh fruit sorbets, for a unique rendez-vous with tradition!




With dark chocolate, hazelnut, or caramel, you will not find anyone in town who was yet capable to replicate this great variation of gelato 

Simply delicious!






Alcoholic Creams

Some of our flavors blend really well with liquors and wine

We have developed a special menu made of cream, gianduja and chocolate gelatos blending with the most exclusive of Barolo wine, Rum, Whisky, Armagnac, Grappa...


Warm Gelato

Cheer up your autumn days with a touch of warmth without sacrificing the delicacy of the taste. Thanks to the use of natural ingredients of excellent quality, we can raise the temperature of the gelato, creating a surprising hot gourmet cream.

All you have to do is choose between our selected flavors and cuddle yourself


Our Mission


A Gelato For Connoisseurs


A growing clientele of true Gelato lovers are capable to appreciate the nuances of tastes and odors that, according to our criteria,are obtained

Continuous Innovation

We experiment relentlessly in search of new balances and  new ways to keep the best tradition of Italian gelato alive and up to our times




Only Excellent Ingredients

Only first choice ingredients of excellent quality can be used in our gelato



Quality, Regardless Of Cost

What we do is driven by passion and enthusiasm, and by respect for Quality without compromises

No Preservatives

The use of artificial preservatives, chemical emulsifiers, frozen food, non natural preparations of any kind is banned!

Defeat The Empire!

We oppose the prevailing and seemingly unstoppable flavors standardization promoted by the mainstream industry, through the patient rehabilitation of the customer to the taste for the genuine thing 

Perfection Of The Product

 Even the slightest imperfection of the product must be detected before the gelato reaches the sales counter


Affordable Price

We manage to make it compatible with a price necessarily above the average, but still affordable, the manual work for certain operations that cannot be replaced